Anxiety of emotion

Anxiety of Mind Copyright Gary Darbyshire

I originally  pencilled this in and then used a combination of charcoal and soft Pastel . Once I had digitised it I then brought out the character and feeling that is evident  in the piece ,

It is a scary looking face and with every reason  Often anxiety takes yo on a journey with out  notifying you and grabs you . As a sufferer I know and wanted to show in this image how every part of your expression is connected ,

With the black lines like needles connecting a body together .  the facial expressions show the grimace and pain we often endure , Anxiety affects us all physically so I wanted to show how symptoms like increased heart beat ,  clamminess ,  change of focus an increased vigilance . the eyes are green as they have changed to a more serious and envious look .the mouth I decided to make a stark look to help represent the worry of ones reaction to the moments of an attack as we are often over come by our emotions

The flare up nose to show the pattern of fear we are often remind me of the noises associated when we are nervous and anxiety .  I guess the original un digitised is reflective of a mild attack but  when I amped it up I found I was able to exaggerate the emotions . . I could also say that the original shows the feelings of some one who lives with anxiety disorder and the often perplexing worry and perceived perception from others .

Either way the soul of anxiety and emotion is where it all happens and for the moments of time we are in a state of worry we are often gripped by it .  Blue chin line I guess just happened to balance and may be an exit point for the emotions to be diffused .

A few people have mentioned this piece is scary but I guess seeing it an meeting it head on is a therapy in some way , By meeting our fears an anxieties we become stronger and through exposure to them we learn that as big as they are they can be tamed ……  life can be seen differently it al about perspective …

Gary Darbyshire

art_of Darbz

Copyright  (c) Gary Darbyshire  2016

All Right Reserved .

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Shaded Warrior

Allowing the mind to run free soothes man a soul


shaded Warrier

Copyright  (c) Gary Darbyshire  2016

All Right Reserved .

No reproductions or copies allowed wit out  permission of artist 


A day of  in my perplexed and troubled mind brings ot some interesting imagination . The piece above as a beginner in this area excited me , I think when I choose to just let my imagination roam freely my unrelenting standards seem to go away,

I often have tried to be perfect in all my life and aspects relating to please others , I think though now as my journey through art therapy I am learning to let go a little and enjoy the ride , I am learning to understand there are no hard and fast rules and the process is often more rewarding than the finished product,  I am often aghast at my finished product when my mind has wandered away from the subject and simply  doodles away till finished .

This piece shows many element s of doodling away to effect with the  obscure lines and off beat shading . the line down the nose being strong , As you may know noses are not my strong point .

I remember doing this one Saturday afternoon over a couple of mochas at a local Cafe   .  I was in a dreamy mood yet vigilant with my anxiety .  I guess something inside me wanted to show strength and prowess like an African warrier or Amazon tribal hunter . a sense of subconscious achievement against the world out side my Psychotic mind .

A persona of rigid uniformity yet individual and altogether powerful at the same time .

Such is the finished piece  the Shaded warrior

Darkness conceals the hippopotamus.
(Zulu Proverb)

Serenity of Soulfulness

A lady comes through from a time gone by ,,,

I really enjoyed working on this image and then digitising it in to a serene image for reproduction …  I spent a few hours with  pencil and charcoal and then added the facial lines . I only started doing   any form of art in March of this year 2015 and through my mind eye this has taken me on quite a journey .

I ma no Picasso .  Artists and others have attributed my style of edges and perfect imperfections in the images . I am really learning not to grow up and this allows me to not be too much of a perfectionist ,

Art therapy for me is vital to my state of mind and Often my work evokes how I ma feeling at the time , this piece


” serenity of Soulfulness ”

shows a touch of confidence and reminds me of some one from a past time coming through to say hello to me  . I get a woman hard done by from the 20s or 30s who struggles with her image yet maintains pride in who she is.



Schema of Nicole

Schema of things from a heart of two sides

Nicole pic schema_edited
Faces of Nik


While in Hospital earlier this year I had the pleasure of gifting much of my work to my fellow patients . this one is of a friend in my group . Nik , An amazing person who I gained an awesome connection over the 5 weeks , Part of my therapy group and also a very caring person to all she met , she had a huge heart and a very in tune mind .  We love her .. NiK ,,,

While in the group setting we were safe we all had our masks or sides on some times but slowly over time we came out a little and shared a little of who we were . Nik was defensive at first as we all were but soon she blossomed in to the most incredible flower and beautiful butter fly …