El Gallego

An image of northern Spain as  a man came view in my mind  I called him

”  El Gallego. ” 

Title El Gallego

Copyright Gary  Darbyshire 4 Janyary 2017 



Borderline and other emotional disorders

We are  connected to ever one all the time and love the attention often yet are so lonely inside …We are always tryng to prove ourselves to others and so so scared of losing due to our abandonment issues and early rejection or isolation issues . We lose friend because we push them away because they don’t understand ,,, I have lost many many friends here … At times I am too impulsive and very hard to understand ,, Many of us a High achievers Higher than normal IQ .. ( which does not help )massive expectations we need to meet for fear we will no be accepted or rejected .. usually brought forward from our past … Our family members don’t understand us or themselves don’t really want o understand their art in our development ,,, For me though I m changing slowly ,,, I m not scared of who I am any more …. and once day will be normal what ever the hell that is ,,, I often don sleep , I fight in my own minds searching for who the hell i am !!!… Any way take it or leave it guys ,,, I m no bodys puppet and no one will tell me …. cheers Gary ….image